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Purchasing Agency : This is a service in which we buy products on your behalf and send them
from Japan to anywhere in Asia.

Shipping Agency : This is a service in which products that have been directly purchased by the client
and sent to World Cross are examined, repackaged, and sent from Japan to anywhere in Asia.

Payment Agency : In Japan, payments using foreign credit cards are difficult in many companies.
For clients who are encountering this problem, we offer a service which enables clients to deposit the amount of
payment in our Japanese account, and we make the payment on their behalf.
(The payment agency service is limited to companies that request us to be shipping agents.)

Business Agency (Korea and Japan) : We act as agents for export, import, trade consultations, sales,
and shipping for within Japan and Korea.

★Corporate contracts are for clients with shipments of 10kg x 50 units or more per month.
★Separate consultations are needed for countries not listed .October 2014 Standard

★All services require prepayment by bank remittance.★All services require prepayment by bank remittance.

  • It takes 1- 2 days for arrival of the package after shipment. (Excluding customs clearance)
  • Whichever is larger between the measured actual weight and capacity will be applied.
  • How to calculate capacity: Width x Length x Height ÷ 5,000 = Capacity weight
  • However, the actual weight will be used for items placed in DHL envelopes (36 cm x 48 cm).
  • Insurance is automatically set for packages up to 4kg. Additional charges apply for packages over 5kg.
    The standard fee for insurance is 2,500JPY and in the case where items are more than 80,000JPY in value, the insurance charge is calculated at 0.03% x declared value.
  • Additional shipping charges apply to special cargo. An additional charge of 2,500JPY applies when the weight is over 70kg, and a charge of 2,500JPY applies when the length is over 120 cm.
  • Additional shipping charges may apply for rural, mountainous, or island regions.
  • The above prices are for single units.
  • Agency fees are 10% ~ 30% of the value of the item.
  • There is an additional fuel surcharge of 20% ~ 25%.
  • Shipping costs may be adjusted without prior notification in accordance with exchange rates.
  • Separate charges apply for electrical items, electronics, machinery, parts, and IT products.